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It's a big universe out there...​

I live in a land that’s only above sea level because of movement between the Pacific and Australian tectonic plates: Aotearoa New Zealand.

I live in a city criss-crossed by active faults: Te Whanganui a Tara Wellington.

I work on solid ground from my home in Hataitai which I share with my husband, two children, and dog Wilbur.

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Having you working on stories for our Annual Report has made the process so easy this year, so thank you Ursula.

It makes preparation of the report enjoyable when we know that we will have high-quality, engaging stories delivered perfectly on schedule.

Ruth Hartshorn

Operations Manager at Te Hiranga Rū QuakeCoRE

I have worked with Ursula as a science communicator and colleague for many years. Her ability to translate complex scientific research into easily digestible public information is enhanced by her integrity, clarity and approachability. A very positive and thoughtful person to work with.

Julian Thomson

Science Communicator at Out There Learning Ltd